What is a Business Wireless Solution?

Quite simply, a Business Wireless Solution needs to be secure, fast and reliable. Many times the Wi-Fi that comes standard with your modem just isn’t good enough to meet your needs as a business.

You might be needing extra security, a bigger Wi-Fi range, or needing to link multiple buildings together wirelessly.

Our Business Wireless Solutions can cover any Wi-Fi need that you have and we offer a free consult to see which solution might work best for you.

Secure In-Office Wi-Fi

Long Range Point-to-Point Wireless Links

If you are needing to wireless link buildings together then we can handle everything from an initial design, right up to deployment.

Our wireless links save you the cost of running physical cables and have a range of up to 25km which makes it a perfect solution for mining, rural and farms.

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Book a free consultation where we can see what your current Business Wireless needs are .