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Local helpdesk with local technicians

Have you ever had to wait on hold for hours with your current NBN provider? And when they do finally answer, you then spend another hour following their instructions only to be told they will need to send out a technician which can then take days.

Well we understand thet business can’t afford this down time and we also realise that you don’t have the time to be on the phone for hours.

With our local Bunbury based helpdesk, we aim to answer your call within 60 seconds. And if we can’t resolve your issue within 15 minutes over the phone, then we will have one of our local technicians at your premises within 8 busines hours.

You just can’t beat service like that!

Which Plan is Right For You?


$ 85
  • Small Business
  • 1 - 3 People
  • Email & Web Browsing


$ 99
  • Small - Medium Business
  • 1 - 8 People
  • Email & Web Browsing
  • Video Calling
  • Cloud Computing


$ 125
  • Small Business
  • 1 - 3 People
  • Email & Web Browsing
  • Video Calling
  • Video Streaming
  • Cloud Computing
Get Started Now

Book a free 15-minute consultation where we can work out which plan works best for you. We can also perform a munal search on your address where we can let you know what NBN services are available and if there are any extra charges to be aware of. If you prefer, you can also call or email us directly using the buttoms below.


How soon can I expect to get connected?

Getting connected can take anywhere between 15 minutes and two weeks, depending on your NBN connection type, any current NBN connections, or if you need a technician appointment. We’ll give you a better idea of connection times once we check your address.

How does my NBN connection type affect which plans I can get?
The way you connect to the nbn network can vary from place to place. This is known as your ‘nbn connection type’, and will affect what speed plans you can get with us. For example, if you’re on Fibre to the Premise or Fibre to the Node technology you have access to our Standard NBN plans, but if you’re in a more rural area you may only be able to get our Fixed Wireless plans.
How do the different NBN speeds affect what I can do online?

If you’re a smaller business and just checking emails, some web browsing, scrolling through social media or checking the news, you probably won’t notice any difference between our Fast and Fastest plan speeds. But if you’re a medium to larger sized business, use cloud computing such as Microsoft 365 or Remote Desktop, regularly stream videos & have regular Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings, then you may need to look at our Faster or Fastest plans.

Are there any connection fees?

We do not have any standard connection fees for our nbn services. However, if you are in a new housing development or opt to have a 2nd NBN service connected, then you may be liable for an additional charge as dictated by NBN. We will confirm this before placing your order.

Can I switch to a higher speed plan later?
Of course. You are able to change to a faster speed plan at any point for no charge. You can also change down in speed but changes will only take affect at the ond of the billing cycle. There will also be a small charge if you change down in speed more than once with in a 6 month period.
Can I connect my own NBN modem?

We are more than happy for you to connect your own modem, but if you would like one of our technicians to come out and configure everything as well as securing your WiFi then we are more than happy to help

Do you have any other questions?