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Tech Tip – 9 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

G’day – Marc here. I am sure you are like me, a few older smartphones laying around the house. Too old to trade in, but still good enough to use.

During a search of what to do with these phones, I came across this article and if they are still able to connect to Wi-Fi then there is still a use for them. This came as a relief as we felt guilty for thinking of throwing them out!

Who needs an Amazon Echo or a Google Home to retrieve information? We set up my old iPhone in the kitchen so we can use Siri to look for a recipe or to set a timer for dinner that just went into the oven. We also have one hooked up to our entertainment system to play music from Spotify and we can even remote control it from the Spotify app on our new phones that we carry with us.

Let me know if you find any other uses that aren’t mentioned in the article.

Until next week!

Cheers, Marc