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Tech Tips – Mobile Signal Strength

G’day – Marc here and today I want go over what affects the strength of your mobile signal.

While smartphones are a ‘must have’ form of technology for most of the world, a perfect mobile signal isn’t always available. I have been in many situations where I will be in the middle of an important phone call, hear the dreaded beep, beep, beep…and then silence. I will look at the screen and notice that I have no bars, but the person next to me will be chatting away on their phone.

I have learned that mobile signals are a weird phenomenon; weather, distance to a cell tower or how many people are using the network are a few ways that can affect signal strength. I can get a full signal out on my front step, but the minute I go to the bedroom, the signal is weakened.

Curious about why you can get signals in some areas and none in others, read this article to strengthen your understanding!

Until next time, have an awesome week.

Cheers, Marc

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