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Gone phishin’

Looks like many cyber criminals have gone phishing. And that’s because of the money it can
bring in.

Phishing is where they send you an email pretending to be someone else, perhaps your bank
or another service. They’re hoping you’ll click on a link they send you.
Maybe so they can steal your login info. Or so they can install bad software on your computer.
Phishing attacks are rising fast. And the costs for businesses have quadrupled over the past 6
Big businesses are losing $14.8 million annually or around $1,500 per employee.
To give you an idea of the growth of phishing attacks, that figure was $3.8 million back in
(by the way, it’s not only large businesses that are targeted. The criminals use automated
tools to target all businesses of all sizes, all the time)
Could your business afford the time or cash lost to a phishing attack?
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