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Tech Tip – 10 Ways to Enjoy Balance Between Work and Personal Time

G’day – Marc here. I was catching up with a friend i hadnt seen in a while recently and we got chatting about work. After telling them about all the different projects I was working on and how busy I had been, they then asked, When was the last time I took some “me” time…and that made me think.

I thought of the times I checked my phone for email while sitting down with family, when I was at the doctor’s office, or meeting up with friends for a drink. I realized that I was constantly “connected” to the office.

My friend sent me this article and I found that it has some great pointers on how to ensure a healthy balance between work time and personal time. Take a minute to relax and read through the article, see how many of these suggestions you incorporate into your everyday life.

Have a great week, I’m looking foward to a night out this weekend with some friends!

Cheers, Marc